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New Collection

Modern Art

Oct 6 2020- Oct 16 2022

Lines in Art by Shanta arts


Handmade paintings are manually made by an Artist. They are not machine made, instead a real human makes them. Artist first sketches outline over materials like canvas, paper, cloth etc and then use colours like oil, acrylic or watercolour to paint over these surfaces.

Artwork, Design, Inspiration - We help the artists understand, accept and develop their creative skills.

Handmade paintings look much superior to any machine made or printed art. The colours look deep and details are intricate. Handmade paintings can also have some texture if the artist has put so. Making Handmade paintings is painstaking as well as time consuming process, hence it can’t be mass produced. Hence art will always be unique to .



Shanta Arts House was inspired by a desire to showcase original Indian artwork. We strive to give a platform to Indian artists, with their unique methods and styles, as well as offer both them and the buyer a fair price for the artwork.



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